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As a seller of Real Estate you may be entitled to a reissue credit if you provide your prior owners policy within 3 years.

As a Title Company chosen, we will conduct and lead the closing between all parties involved in the transaction with professionalism.

We will make sure that all documents required for the closing will be accurately prepared and also provided the essential title insurance services according to all Florida Title Insurance Standards.

Keep all parties informed and up to date regarding the closing process, document preparation, and funds disbursement.

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Exam / Search / Insurance

Our services are provided by National Title Plants. Our agency is backed by top Underwrites Chicago and WFG National.

Doc Preparation

Preparation of Closing Documents and all documents incidental to the issuance of title insurance.

Doc Recording

We use latest technology to ensure reliable and quick recording of all documents.

Escrow Accounts / Disbursement

We have ability to hold your escrow and our vendors are vetted to insure all transactions are in compliance with Respa Regulations and Underwriting guidelines.

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